My evening in Victoria Park, Truro NS

Victoria Park is a breathtaking & scenic urban forest in the heart of Truro. Rich in history, the 400-hectare park blends incredible natural features such as waterfalls & stately old-growth forests with man-made trails.

We recently volunteered at the Saltscapes Expo for the Town of Truro to promote Victoria Park. I was surprised when I talked to people about the park many had never heard about it – even those who had visited Truro before. I recently spent the evening at the park capturing these images to share the park's beauty.

As a photographer it a great place for shooting portraits, landscapes, waterfalls and wildlife. I also enjoy hiking and biking the many kilometers of trails.

Download the walking trail map.

Victoria Park is located in the center of the town. The main entrance is off of Brunswick Street to Park Road. Click here to view the location of Victoria Park on Google maps.

Victoria Park - Truro NS

Trails along Lepper Brook at the start of the park.

Trails along Lepper Brook, Victoria Park Truro NS

Jacob's Ladder, Victoria Park Truro NS

View for the bottom of Jacob's Ladder. It has a total of 175 Steps.

View from the top of Jacob's Ladder.

Bridge with rock cliff (which leads to the gazebo pictured below) on the other side.

Gazebo in the ravine area that is often used for weddings. Also seen here is stairs to the trails on the right side of the park.

Trails on the right side of the park leading to the covered bridge.

Covered Bridge.

View from the covered bridge of the ravine.

Look off above the waterfalls.

Waddell Waterfalls.

Another view of Waddell Waterfalls - they are named after Susan Waddell who donated the first land in 1887 containing the falls and the gorge for the park.

Joseph Howe Falls.

Another view of Joseph Howe Falls - named after the first premier of Nova Scotia.

Bridge and stairs leading the to the wishing well.

Stairs to wishing well.

Wishing Well.

View of the Witches Cauldron.

Witches Cauldron.

Witches Cauldron.

A little fella I ran into.

Trails in the upper section of the park.

The park is full of small and beautiful waterfalls.